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We Offer Various Kind Of Practical And Trendy Courses
To Help Each Student Fulfill Their Dream!


Our Service

Chung Shou Knowledge Management Global Learning Center (CSKM) cooperates with established international universities in China, Europe, and the US to provide educational opportunities for students who seek to broaden their global vision.

Trendy Courses

CSKM has established reputation in harness the industry-academia collaborations. We provide cross-strait visits and collaborative exchanges between Taiwan and China. In addition to logstics planning and professional training programs arrangements, it also offers certificate programs to bridge the gap between knowledge and its practical applications. It especially emphasizes on students’ career growth and professional skills development.

Our Mission

CSKM understands the industries’ demands and values the quality and services it provides to its students. Our mission is to provide relevant courses and training to students to ensure they possess the needed skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals.



The only Authorization

CSKM is The Only
Authorized Office in Taiwan

Over 30 Partners      

CSKM cooperates with over 30
organizations and schools

Up to 50 programs      

CSKM offers up to 50 kinds of
professional certificate and degree programs

More than 350 students

CSKM has helped
more than 180 students