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Our international offices are set in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Myanmar, dealing with various study plans of international professional certificate programs and academic degree programs.

CSKM understands the industries’ demands and values the quality and services it provides to its students. Our mission is to provide relevant courses and training to students to ensure they possess the needed skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals.


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About Us

We are CSKM Global Learning Center which has been contributing to global higher education for almost 20 years. We provide diversified course and industry learning opportunities, also high-quality education diploma courses which are all high cost-performance ratio. Our courses stand for friendly tuition fee which let the student can study locally as to save time and cost. Besides, we want student get the diploma and obtain Innovation Management, real-world experiences at the same time. The learning platform can not only enhance international exchanges, but also establish global perspectives and gain insight into the development of the industrial market.

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