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Master Program HEC EMAM AIA in Myanmar

National Taipei University of Business

Tradition, Reputation, Innovation, Talents Nurturing−Enterprises’ Favourites

National Taipei University of Business( NTUB) is one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan, dedicated to providing the best business education to students from all over the world. Founded in 1917, NTUB has been an important part of the economic development in Taiwan. Our alumni are distinguished in both private and public sectors, making contribution to Taiwan’s economic growth. 

NTUB cooperates closely with not only companies in Taiwan but also many intuitions abroad. Our study programs are internationalized, and most students have internship or work experiences before they graduate. 

Our vision is to become one of the leading universities in Asia, offering students opportunities in learning cutting-age business skills and knowledge, and we also wish to help students to explore the best part in themselves. 

At NTUB, we believe a business professional of excellence is not only skillful, but also holds principles and characters. We are here to support you to pursue excellence. We sincerely welcome you to join us!”

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【Why Choose NTUB】

  • Ideal Location for nurturing the Cream of the Future Commercial Crop
  • Favorable Appraisals & Approval from all Sectors
  • Top Class Students & Unrivaled Pass Rates
  • Excellent performance in Regional Contests
  • Emphasis on Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Prominent Alumni & A Wealth of Resources
  • Financial assistance, Career Guidance& Student Support
  • Professional Laboratories
  • Student Associations & Activities
  • Counseling & Guidance




I. Introduction of NTUB

National Taipei University of Business (NTUB) is located in the heart of Taipei. The only national business university in Taiwan, NTUB graduates have been named favourites for enterprises for 3 consecutive years by the research of Global Views Monthly. The NTUB graduate school focuses on academic research and application into real world. Fruitful dissertation publications and industry-university cooperative project are one of their most remarkable achievements. What the school values and expects from its students are their characters, attitudes, soft power and global mobility.

The economies of Southeast Asia are growing rapidly. This has created great demand for high level managerial talents. To cater to the industry demand, NTUB College of Business has opened an overseas programme in Myanmar. The program is targeted at high level managers from Myanmar’s enterprises. Combining Southeast Asia’s diverse resources and Taiwan business experience; we are determined to produce many extraordinary businessmen and businesswomen who are familiar with business environments and are capable of international trade among Southeast Asia, Mainland China and Taiwan.

NTUB and CSKM global education centre strives to assist local students to stand out in fierce global competition and broaden their horizons by providing professional courses in Myanmar’s further education and certificates training.









Ⅱ.Advantages of NTUB

●Advantageous geographical location to nurture top business people

●Students with virtue and graduates with top skills

●Diversified career development and employment preparation to assist students in successfully entering the workplace

●Combination of various resources; creating industry-university cooperation opportunities

●Encouraging innovation and ideas; impressive performances from the students in contests

●Establishment of the Innovation Incubation Center which fosters industry-university research and development

●English and cross-cultural learning to boost the international outlook of the lecturers and students

●Partnership which grants access to a plethora of resources provided by participating universities

●Outstanding alumni who offer powerful and strong networks

●Professional laboratories that provide great and featured teaching



Ⅲ.NTUB EMBA Yangon Elite Class Introduction of International Business Operation, Innovation and Management-Courses Introduction

NTUB EMBA Yangon Elite Class, currently the only “Advanced Mandarin” Master Course, targeting at high level managers and entrepreneurs. The course is taught mainly in Mandarin and English ancillary. The course is arranged twice a month (on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), which is designed for the employed to participate in academic progress. The lecturers fly to Myanmar from Taiwan—you gain access to top quality education at no extra cost.  Face-to-face lectures, case studies, group discussions, speech delivered in classrooms and enterprise visit in Taiwan are all designed to best observe how students learn in class.

Master's in International Business Operation, Innovation and Management targets at high level managers and entrepreneurs. Often, enterprise/corporations or products inevitably face bottlenecks, which must be solved by innovation or breakthrough. Creating innovation and breakthroughs are usually even more challenging than the starting stage of the corporation. NTUB College of Business takes industry trends into consideration when designing the course. How theories and practice complement each other is greatly valued when drawing the syllabus.  Through comprehensive and thorough lessons and activities, not only can students deepen their knowledge in professional fields, creating innovative mechanisms continuously, they can also amplify their framework of thinking, and broaden their horizons when doing business through participating in diverse learning activities.

This is an Internet era, where the traditional functional division of labour no longer the solution. Future high level managers must coordinate regional advantages/strengths in global stage and create unique selling points in digital trends. NTUB College of Business adjusts course contents with lecturers from diverse backgrounds and bountiful business education experience. We do our best to ensure students enjoy a special learning journey with creative activities and methods.

You might be at the turning point of your professional career, the Master's in International Business Operation, Innovation and Management is the starting point to store development energy, and accumulate future soft power; you might already have achieved the peak of your current career and would like to try out different possibilities in life, the Master's in International Business Operation, Innovation and Management is the best option to surpass and self-enable oneself to have an even more wonderful and colourful life!


NTUB Master's in International Business Operation, Innovation and Management

Yangon Elite Class

EMBA Outstanding Students’ Reports

NTUB Master's in International Business Operation, Innovation and Management

Yangon Elite Class

EMBA Outstanding Students’ Reports

Ⅳ.Courses Advantages

●Our customer service provides teaching assistants the tools to deal with all class-related matters and keep track of how each student learns, posting reminders for the students of date and time of the class, to enable students to graduate successfully and smoothly.

●All classes take place in Myanmar, no need to travel abroad for academic progression, which shortens the learning time and cuts the costs down.

●Flexible learning hours, all the classes are on weekends, to make sure the workdays are not affected. The course aims to make out of office learning effective and enables the students to obtain the master degree 1 year quickest.

●Networking with business elites offers the opportunities for self-development and enlargement of business networks, which are all assets in your future career.

●Professors inspire the framework of our business knowledge system; systematically constructing comprehensive frameworks of a business knowledge system. Through brainstorming, we aim for students to survive changes in business environment through changing the old business model.  All of the courses are designed in the hope that students can think out of the box, continuously reach balance between theories and practices.

●Harvard case studies are used in all management courses; the interactive single case studies aim to assist students to recognise, analyse, derive and discuss decisions to deepen their inspiration, understanding, thinking and discussion to apply the newly learnt knowledge and skills into a real working environment.

●International market case studies course amplifies students’ international outlook while planning for overseas market case studies. Through interacting and cooperating with overseas corporations, students obtain diverse practical mindsets and link with worldwide industrial development

●The Internet is adopted to make teach-and-learn not limited by time or space limiations. The master’s programme utilises Internet communication tools such as Facebook, Wechat, E-mail, enabling students to ask questions anytime to lecturers so the queries are solved by professionals quickly.  The internet without doubt allows students to resolve study and life issues without any restrictions.

Ⅴ.Study Package

◆Language−the course is taught mainly in Mandarin and ancillary in English.

◆On-the-job-learning: with 10 professional modules and 1 dissertation or industrial report−the master degree can be obtained in as little as 1 year.

◆Way of teaching: Famous lecturers from universities and industries.  Face-to-face teaching, case studies, group discussions, class speeches and enterprise visit are all adopted to observe every dimension of students’ learning.

◆ Prestigious lecturers−face-to-face teaching by national university professors and reputable industrialists.

◆An annual trip to NTUB campus for the students to exchange views, knowledge and experience.  The date and time to visit the main campus is adjustable.  Students shall pay for travel, accommodation, and living costs

◆ Graduate Credit: 36 (include master’s dissertation of 6 credits)

Ⅵ.Entry requirements

◆Suitable for: Local and foreign CEOs, high level managers, successors, entrepreneurs, giants in professional fields

◆Sign up and interview date and time:

◆Results released on:

◆Estimated Start Date:

◆Class location: Yangon, Myanmar

◆Entry requirements:

Anyone who 1) holds a degree from university or an independent college accredited by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan or a foreign university or an independent college that meets the requirements of the Ministry of education, 2) holds a bachelor's degree or a graduate student or a student (or equivalent) that meets the requirements for applying for a master’s programme, 3) must have 5 years (inclusive) or more work experience, and obtain the certificate of service issued by the company/service agency.  Work experience is calculated from the date set out in the certificate of work, until the deadline for enrollment registration.

Ⅶ. Required Documents

◆Interview and application from

◆Commission application in duplicate

◆3 two-inch photos (half-length and cap off)

◆Certificate of employment (standard form) and 2 business cards

◆1 photocopy of passport

◆1 Recommendation letter

◆Diploma (certificate of degree) or equivalent academic proof and transcript (photocopy or original)




NTUB Myanmar Recruiting Office / CSKM Global Education Centre
  Tel: 09-77-386-4478 / 09-77-386-4479  
Address: 707, No.99(B), Myay Nu St., Sanchuang Tsp., Ygn.