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▍About YZU


In 1986, Taiwan Ministry of Education opened up establishing private schools. Mr. Yu-Ziang Hsu, the founder of the Far Eastern Group, in consideration of Taiwan industry is in urgent need of senior technical talents and in memory of his father, established Yuan Ze Institute of Technology. The Institute was renamed Yuan Ze University (YZU) in August 1997. After more than 20 years of establishment, Yuan Ze has been dedicated to running school and making innovation. With a number of educational innovations and information features, it has been regarded as a legend of Taiwan higher education by Hong Kong Ming Pao.

Since 2005, YZU has received the “Teaching Excellent Project” and “The Aim for the Top University Project” awards by MOE. It was ranked No. 766 in the World University Rankings by the Times Higher Education in 2017 and No. 2 non-medical private university in Taiwan.
YZU has 5 colleges of Engineering, Informatics, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Electrical and Communication Engineering. The total number of students at about 10,000 students and the number of alumni is 450,000. It is a small but good university focusing both on teaching and research.

In addition to research and development in green energy, big data, and forward-looking biomedical care, YZU nurtures talents with global mobility, promote lectures in English and internship domestically and internationally. Since 2016, it has promoted English-Taught courses, maker courses, and considered programming language as the second compulsory language, become a “bilingual university” emphasizing on English and programming language.


【Yuan Ze Achievements】

  1. Earned AACSB accreditation in 2012 and 2017 again, is one of 5% top business schools.
  2. U.S. News Best Global Universities for Engineering Ranking 2017: Ranked No. 313 in the world and No. 8 in Taiwan.
  3. Ranked No. 200 in top Asian Universities 2018.
  4. Ranked the no. 1 private university EMBA that 3000 top enterprise managers want to attend in 2013, 2017, 2018 by Cheers Magazine.
  5. Ranked No.10 in the 2nd Cheers Magazine university-performance evaluated by the presidents of Universities in Taiwan.
  6. Ranked as one of the top 100 universities with great potential in the Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 Rankings.
  7. Ranked as one of the top 100 Asian universities in the QS University Rankings.
  8. Ranked as one of the top 1000 world universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
  9. Internationally Cooperated, exchanged students, offered double degree and overseas internship with more than 100 universities in nearly 30 countries over the world.
  10. Cooperated with Big Four accounting firms and well-known listed companies in internship, employment, and industry and academy combination.


【Yuan Ze Univesity’s overseas internship enterprises】


【Yuan Ze University exchange and double degree】


The private university EMBA that 3000 enterprise managers want to attend

In the survey released by Cheers Magazine in October 2018, Yuan Ze EMBA was ranked No.1 private University that 3000 entrepreneurs want to attend.

It includes programs, leturers, alumni and ideology of running school. What you get is not just a diploma, but also an opportunity to grow up.

If you are a senior corporate executive, small business owner trying to seek an opportunity for industrial innovation transformation; a junior manager wants to become a company looking for a new direction; or a senior official hope to create career opportunities again,

you can discuss teaching and learning with abundant and diverse case studies in the classroom.

That will make theory and practice more integrated, and make learning and working more engaged.

You will have the courage to challenge the new life and open up a bright future for business.

Yuan Ze EMBA was founded by Keh- Chiang Yu, “the father of EMBA” in 1996

So far it has more than 2000 alumni who might be your partners developing more opportunities in the future.


▍Hanoi University of Mining and Gelogy

Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG) was established in 1996. It has 13 faculties of Mining, Geology, Oil and Gas, surveying and Mapping, Environment, Information Technology, Construction, Business and Administration, Electromechanics, Basic Science, Military Education, Politics, 9 research centers and 1 laboratory. It provides Bachelor program, Master program and Doctor program. HUMG has three campuses: Hanoi (main campus), Quang Ninh, Vung Tau.

The mission of the HUMG is to train high-quality human resources in the field of minerals and earth sciences other sciences, so as to meet the needs of society, and to serve industrialization, modernization, and access to international economy.

The school currently has about 750 lecturers, 16.000 students, and many outstanding alumni such as Former President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Duc Luong, etc.

In the past 50 years, the school successfully hosted 20 international scientific conferences and 21 internal school scientific conferences. There are more than 8,400 scientific reports in total. HUMG has established long-term relationships with many foreign organizations, universities and companies.


▍Yuan Ze EMBA Program

The Executive Master of Business Administration is designed to educate executives who have international management knowledge and management ability. It conforms to the economic development and challenges of the 21st century. YZU's Executive Master of Business Administration program is suitable for people who want to hold a full time job while they earn their degree. It combines theory and practical application and enable students to combine learning with working. Although having a lot of work experiences, many people are unable to pursue further study because of their work or other reasons that leads to losing many promotion opportunities.

The 21st century is an age of information. No matter what the high level you are, it is necessary to enhance and improve knowledge and level of mind through learning. And the school is always a good place to study. In the field of knowledge, it is never late to start learning. For this, Yuan Ze University specially offers this EMBA program to entrepreneurs and professionals so they can balance their career and learning.


▍EMBA Program Features

  1. Study at Vietnam: balance career and learning
  2. Top teachers: 2/3 of lecturers come from Taiwan. Students can acquire the valuable knowledge and experiences from these professors.
  3. International AACSB and Taiwan AACSB double Accreditation: YZU College of Management the first time received AACSB Accreditation in December 2011 and became a member of AACSB. In February 2017, it extended AACSB Accreditation. With this accreditation, YZU College of Management can enhance its international competitiveness. In the future, it can cooperate with more well-known universities in the world and provide students with opportunities to study abroad.
  4. Get a degree in short term: It only take 2 years of study on the weekend and evening to get an MBA degree of YZU.
  5. Lecture in English: Students can improve their language ability and work competitiveness.
  6. Master students’ study progress all the time: Program assistants are always ready to assist and pay attention to the student’s requirement. Program tutors are also available to provide guidance to students so that they can successfully graduate on schedule.
  7. Save time and money: Students can attend class on the weekend and off-duty hours. Apart from holding current job and income, students can also balance their life.
  8. Global perspective: The international theories and practices introduced in the course can effectively enhance students’ professional ability and competitive advantage in the workplace.
  9. Practice-oriented learning: specialists form various disciplines shall bring up-to-date knowledge to their classes, and we have included etiquette and business-related social activities in the curriculum to improve students social networking and managerial skill.


▍Course Modules

It is required to complete 12 courses before graduation. Each course is 3 credits, and graduation report is 3 credits, 39 credits in total.

Course code

Course name



Organizational Behavior and Leadership



Marketing Management



Operation Management



Financial Management



Strategy Management



Global Industry Analysis



Project Management






Management Accounting



Business Research Methods



International Business Negotiation



Technology Innovation Management






Total credit




▍About the courses

  1. Organizational Behavior and Leadership(3credits)

Organizational behavior is a science that studies the laws of human behavior and psychology the organization. It is a branch of behavioral science. With the development of society, especially the development of the economy that has promoted the development of organizations, more and more attention has been paid to organizational behavior. Organizational behavior also has its own branches, such as business organizational behavior, school organizational behavior, hospital organizational behavior, military organizational behavior and so on. At present, there are many researches on business organizational behavior and a wide range of its applications. Therefore, organizational behavior and business organizational behavior are often considered the same.

Leadership behavior has a positive influence on organizational behavior. Leadership behavior modifies the mediating effects of organizational behavior and then influences organizational identification.

  1. Marketing Management(3credits)

The marketing management program design emphasizes practice-oriented training based on the basic of theory. Through the provision of modular curriculum design, it immediately reflects the demand of marketing to the market. The major courses of marketing management include marketing management case studies and business project internships and so on. Next, the program provides marketing tools, practices, knowledge and industry-oriented modular courses, including a wide range of optional courses.

  1. Operation Management(3credits)

Operations management involves the integration of numerous activities and processes to produce products and services in a highly competitive global environment. Many companies agree that world class performance in operations is essential for competitive success and long term survival. This course is designed to explore the operations from a managerial perspective, and it will involve with key performance measures of operations as well as important concepts for improving the performance of operations along these dimensions. Emphasis is given both to familiarization of various production processes and service systems, and to quantitative analysis of problems arising in the management of operations.

  1. Financial Management(3credits)

This course focuses on how companies make investing and financing decision to maximize the shareholders’ wealth. The emphasis is on time value of money, risk and return, bond and stock valuations, cost of capital, capital budgeting decision, financing decision, capital structure, dividend policy, working capital management, and financial planning.

  1. Strategy Management(3credits)

Strategic management is the highest-level practice topics in business management. Strategic decision-making not only reflects extensively, but also has a far-reaching impact. The internal and external factors considered are extremely complex and the decision-making process is extremely dynamic. Therefore, the concept of strategy management is abundant, quite attractive, but it is also difficult to learn effectively. Not only does it need to have a complete conceptual framework to guide for thinking and analysis, it also needs to supplement with a large number of examples to illustrate relevant concepts and methods of thinking, so that learners can grasp the key points of strategic thinking, and understand the concept of strategic management in applications. This book hopes to use the analysis of real cases of these companies to illustrate the theories, concepts, and methods of analysis of strategic management.

  1. Global Industry Analysis(3credits)

This course is divided into two main contents: introducing the tools related to industrial analysis, and assessing the industrial structure, manufacturer behavior, competition types, and industrial performance with the analytical tools of school. In the aspect of industrial analysis tools, the structure-behavior-performance model, five-force analysis model, value network model, and industrial clustering model, as well as their theoretical basis and application direction will be introduced. In the application of industrial analysis, this course will use industrial analysis reports of individual industries or cases of important enterprises in the industry as examples to introduce industrial analysis. In addition, through the practical implementation of industry analysis, we gradually led students to understand the process of producing industry analysis reports, including data collection, industry definition, definition of competition issues, and analysis and discussion.

  1. Project Management(3credits)

Project management is a course that is multifunctional, contains uncertainty, and requires high management skills. In an era of high globalization and rapidly product replacement today, successful development and project management is an important way for companies or other types of organizations to maintain competitiveness or productivity. This course will enable students to grasp integrity plan, effective execution, overall monitoring of the project, and practically manage the project to apply the knowledge theory to the workplace and daily work.

  1. E-commerce(3credits)

E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management system, and automated data collection systems.

  1. Management Accounting(3credits)

In management accounting or managerial accounting, managers use the provisions of accounting information in order to better inform themselves before they decide matters within their organizations, which aids their management and performance of control functions.

  1. Business Research Methods(3credits)

This course will enable students to understand the design and data analysis methods of business research methods. The research design includes the basic concepts of scientific research methods, research orientation and process, research design, sampling design, data collection, attitude measurement and reliability, verification of validity, questionnaire design, survey method, and observation and experiment method and so on. The data analysis includes factor analysis, variance analysis, regression analysis, canonical correlation analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, linear structure analysis, and multi-scale analysis.

  1. International Business Negotiation(3credits)

International Business Negotiation (International Business Negotiation) refers to a process in which different stakeholders in international business activities negotiate the terms of a transaction in order to conclude a transaction.
International business negotiation is an indispensable and important link in the process of international goods sales, and it is also a necessary stage for signing sales contracts.

  1. Technology Innovation Management (3credits)

Scientific and technological innovation is the general term for original scientific research and technological innovation. It refers to the process of creating and applying new knowledge and new technologies, new processes, adopting new production methods and management models, developing new products, improving product quality, and providing new services.  Technological innovation can be divided into three types: knowledge innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation led by modern science and technology.

  1. Thesis


▍Professor Introduction

Name of Professor

Academic Background


Huang, Chung-Yi

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

Team composition and team conflict, Teams’ transactive memory system, Knowledge and Information Process in Team, Team creativity and innovation, Team’s motivation, working attitudes and behaviors.

Liao, Shuling


Ph.D. in Consumer Sciences & Retailing, Purdue University, USA

Consumer Behavior, Electronic Word-of-Mouth, E-Shopping, Consumer Online Usage Behavior, Consumer Met cognition, Consumer Bargaining


Cheng, Hilary

Assistant professor

Ph.D. in Operations Management, Rutgers University, USA; M.B.A., Kansas State University, U.S.A.

Operations Management, e-Business and e-Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Management information system, Entrepreneurship, project management, Financial Decision Support Systems, Data Mining, Networked Finance

Lo, Yi-Ju

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Strategic Management, Graduate Institute of national Business, College of Managment; National Taiwan University; Duke University, Fuqua Business School, visiting Scholar, Fulbrighter

Strategic Management; Industry and Competitive Analysis; Social Networks and Organizations; Co-operation Strategy

Hsieh, Chih-Hung

Associate Professor & Director of EMBA program

Ph.D. in Technology Management, National Chiao Tung University; M.S. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo

Technology forecasting/foresight, Patent analysis, Industrial analysis, Technology transfer.

Tang, Ling-Lang

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Sun Yat-Sen University

Logistics and supply chain management, Service innovation, Quality management in service/ manufacturing industry, E-commerce management, Project management


Chen, Chih-Ping

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Marketing, University of Exeter, UK; M.A. in Mass Communication, University of Kentucky, USA

Consumer Behavior; Marketing Management; Technology Consumption


Wang, Wei-Kang


Ph.D. in Accounting University of Manchester, U.K.

Accounting and Finance Decision Support System, Balanced Scored Card, Performance Evaluation


Lu, Louis Yu-Yang

Professor and Associate Dean

Ph.D. in Management, National Chiao-Tung University; MS in Computer Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University; BS in Computer Science, National Chiao-Tung University

Technology Management, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Social Network Analysis.


描述: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\fnjfchiu2016C.jpg


Associate Professor & Director of MS

Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Sun-Yat-Sen University, Kaosiug, Taiwan.

Master of Business Administration, National Sun-Yat-Sen University, Kaosiug, Taiwan.


Asset Pricing, Financial Risk management, Auditing

描述: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\katenien2.jpg

Nien, Kai-Ting

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Accounting, Department of Commerce, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Financial Accounting, Accounting Information System.

描述: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\yanjie2016C.jpg

Yang, Yan-Jie

Associate Professor& Director of BBA


Ph.D. in Accounting, National Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

M.S. in Accounting, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Empirical auditing research, Financial accounting, Corporate governance. 


▍YZU Notable Alumni

Industrial and Commercial

  • Chang Yung Ching: Alumni of College of management, deputy general manager of RenBao Computer Industry Company
  • Hsu Chin Ju: Alumni of Alumni of Department of electrical engineering, researcher of Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Lin ChienHsien: Alumni of Department of photonic engineering, Inventor Class Optoelectronic Group Gold Medal of the 35th Geneva Invention Award, Russian Ambassador Award and National Invention Creation Award in 2007.
  • Chen Yi Hua: Alumni of Department of Mechanical Engineering, General Manager of Taiwan Anritsu Ltd. Company.
  • Lien Chien Chin: Alumni of College of Informatics, Vice-president and Chief Operating Officer of Softstar.
  • Tsai Pei Lung: Alumni of College of Management CEO of Finesteel Co. Ltd
  • Hsu Ping Lun: Alumni of College of Management, Vice General Manager of Fructose Co. Ltd
  • Chen Li Ju: Alumni of College of Management, President of MedFirst Healthcare Service Inc.
  • Cheng Sheng Feng: President cum financial director of Gogolook
  • Huang Chia Yan: Alumni of Department of electrical engineering, General Manager of Chang Gung Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Liao Chang Chien: Alumni of Department of computer science and engineering, CEO of Openfind.
  • Liao Chang Chien: Alumni of Department of computer science and engineering, CEO of Openfind.
  • Tsai Yi YiAlumni of Department of computer science and engineering, CEO of Environmental Biotech Co., Ltd
  • Liu Nan Hung: Alumni of College of Management, General Manager of Cheng Hsin Aluminum Co., Ltd.
  • Liu Ching Wen: Alumni of College of Management, General Manager of ShareHope Medicine Co., Ltd.
  • Chiu Chuang Hua: Alumni of College of Management, Chief operation Officer of Eink Holdings
  • YehNai Ti: Alumni of College of Management, President of ICP DAS Co., Ltd

National defence and military

  • Fu Wei Ku: Alumni of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lieutenant-General of the Republic of China Air Force.
  • Ma Ying Han: Alumni of Department of information management, Lieutenant-General of the Republic of China Air Force, commander of Communications electronics headquarters.


  • Leng Jin Hsu:Alumni of Department of Electrical Engineering, CEO of  National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
  • Ting An Pang: Alumni of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Deputy Director of National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology-Department of information communication.


  • Chen, Ken-Te: Alumni of Department of social and policy sciences, 4th-8th legislator of Legislative Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan).
  • Hsie Hsiu Neng: Alumni of College of Management, Member of Examination Yuan, Deputy Director of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Hsu Ying Shen: Alumni of College of Management, Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of the Interior, Deputy County Mayor of Taoyuan City.


  • Hsu Fu Hsiang: Alumni of Department of Information Communication, Taiwan film Director.
  • Wu Chen Sheng: Alumni of Department of Information Communication, the creator of Taiwan Cartoon character MILUEGG.
  • Li Chi:Alumni of Department of Information Communication,singer- Ukulele
  • Li Yu Chun: Alumni of Department of Information Communication, Singer
  • Cheng Wei Ying: Alumni of Department of Information Communication, Make-up artist, trainer and artistic creator of Beijing, Taipei film, the winner of the international student make-up competition in 2010; the 8th place in the World Body Painting Festival.
  • Nobuo Takamori: Alumni of Department of InformationCommunication, work of “ Cradle memory” won the 21st Golden Melody Awards for the best Album Package
  • Mark Ang: Alumni of Department of foreign languages and applied linguistics, Director of TV Commercial, the short film "Replace" has won 33 film festival records worldwide (as of September 12, 2015, continues to win the award). Currently hosts the "the project of 100 film festivals".
  • Wu Yao Yu: Alumni of Department of Information Communication, In 2013 won the first prize of Besancon International Competition of young conductors.


▍YZU Alumni Association

YZU EMBA Association

The Yuan Ze EMBA Association was initiated by students of class 97 in order to connect EMBA students and alumni. The Association regularly organizes business visits, outdoor activities, and meals with teachers. Under the consensus of the members of the EMBA Association, a range of clubswere also established, including Yuan ZeEMBA bowling club, softball club, basketball club, mountain climbing club and marathon club.

YZU EMBA Golf Team

Yuan Ze EMBA golf team members span across EMBA alumni and students at all grades.The team regularly holds golf playing, has meals together every month and invites the teachers of College of Management to participate. In addition, various golf competitions are held, and golf friendly competitions are held jointly with other universities EMBA to enhance golf skill and strengthen the relationship.

Hong Hu University-Industry Association

The Association follows the idea of “inherit the experiences to start business and make innovation” to connect Yuan ZeEMBA teachers, students, and alumni. It combinesthe various industry professionals’ experience andthe students’ innovative thinking, put up the industry and academic community and promotes industry and academic exchange.

Republic of ChinaEnterprise Management  Association

The "Republic of China Enterprise Management Association" established in 2000 is a community organization of YuanZe EMBA alumni. The members of the association cover social elites of business, finance, and military education. They have rich academic experience and are managers and executives in various fields.




▍Entry Requirements

  1. Admission object: Executives or business elites from all walks of life. The maximun number of students is 30 .
  2. College degree or Bachelor Degree or above
  3. Work experience: (Bachelor Degree) at least 3 years of work experience, (College Degree) at least 5 years of work experience. If fail to meet above requirements, please contact program assistants for special application.
  4. Language ability: International English language proficiency certificate (have been achieved within 2 years)
  5. :550↑(TOEFL PBT),82↑(TOEFL iBT)
  6. Management ability: 1 copy of study plan and work experience in English.


▍Application Documents

  1. Brief resume
  2. Application form
  3. Graduation certificate & highest level academic transcript in English
  4. A copy of study plan
  5. A copy of work experience
  6. Two copies of business card
  7. 6 copies of 2 inch color photos
  8. A photocopy of name page of your passport and ID card
  9. Reference letter in required format (the referee is the current organization in which applicant is working. The referee’s business card is required)
  10. Application fee is 500 USD (If not be admitted, the application fee shall be returned, but 100 USD shall not be returned for administrative fee).


▍Contact Us:

Yuan Ze University-Vietnam admission office      

Room 401, HITC Building 239 XuanThuyRoad,

CauGiay district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.